all natural & vegan hair growth


Natural, vegan hair repair and revival mask made from rich oils such as avocado, jojoba, coconut and black Jamaican castor. 


Bring your hair back to life without any nasty chemicals.


The HAIRHUG is an all natural and vegan hair-mask that is designed to replenish damaged hair and stimulate new healthy hair growth. With rich oils such as jojoba, coconut, avocado and grapeseed, the HAIRHUG is an all-round deep conditioning solution that will hydrate and moisturise your hair and your scalp.

Black Jamaican castor and peppermint oils focus on promoting faster and stronger hair growth.



hair growth



Vegan, bamboo hair bushes that will help your hair grow, naturally. 


So you can feel great about yourself, and our earth.


The GROWSTICK is a bamboo and recycled rubber hairbrush that is designed to massage your scalp and lightly detangle dried hair. The massaging of the scalp by the rounded bamboo bristles promotes hair growth by firstly increasing circulation around the hair follicle drawing more nutrients where its needed. Secondly, by increasing sebum production to naturally moisterise the skin surrounding the hair root, and finally by relaxing the mind, reducing the likelihood of cortisol induced hair loss.