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hair care

Made with only natural, vegan ingredients, our unique formulation will bring your hair back to life so you can feel great about yourself, and our earth.

our story

If you flip over a hair care product bottle, the chances are you'll see a list of long named chemicals that you'll find hard to pronounce. We know we definitely did, so we did our research into some of these chemicals, and we realised we wanted absolutely nothing to do with them.


So we created our own brand that was completely vegan, cruelty-free and most importantly chemical-free, so our babes could take care of their hair with the confidence that they weren't harming themselves, or our earth.

how our tlc will help you

Our hairhug will begin the journey by repairing your hair from its tragedy and restoring it to its natural beautiful state. It does this by deeply penetrating and hydrating your strands to add life and volume.

Next our mask will work on perfecting the texture of your hair, making it soft and silky to the touch. This is done by delicately sealing the cuticle with our specially balanced formulation, guaranteed not to make your hair greasy like some other formulas.

Finally, we want your hair to stay stunning so the final step is promote the growth of healthy hair at the root. This is achieved by conditioning of the scalp and stimulating more circulation around the bulb of the hair.

what babes are saying

the secret ingredients to the ultimate repair serum.

Coconut and avocado oils are extremely effective deep hydrating oils, able to penetrate the cuticle quickly to moisturise the core. This will add a magical bounce back into your hair.

these guys will make your hair shimmer like never before.

Castor oil strengthens and thickens the your strands whilst our grape-seed oil thins out the formulation and leaves a nice natural shine on your hair whilst not weighing it down. Stroke your hands through your hair after you rinse, you'll know what we mean.

the ultimate combination for boosting growth​.

Hair is kinda like indoor plants, it needs a healthy environment and plenty of nutrients to flourish. Jojoba oil is the closest ingredient which replicates sebum, the natural oil produced by your scalp. The combination of Jojoba and peppermint, which increases circulation, drawing more nutrients to the roots, will boost your hair growth like you've never seen before.